15. jun. 2013


This girl is hilarious, talented, smart, tough, beautiful and armed to the teeth with grit.
Oh and shes my girlfriend... YUSSSSS!

14. mar. 2013


More bg's from stuff in the making at Style5.tv.

1. feb. 2013


I had less than two weeks to finish 41 layouts and paint the final bg's for this Style5.tv project.
Gauging workload vs. time / budget is becoming a cool part of art directing and the limitations sometimes lead to unexpected results. For example, I had no idea I could draw this retarded!
Here's a character lineup and some ambiguous backgrounds.

15. jan. 2013

Fat Fox's First Film

The keyword while designing for this project was to keep things super simple to make life easier for my buddy Christian who had to animate everything in a crazy rush. We had a common vision and aside from occasional constructive criticism, we allowed each other complete creative freedom.
In other words I didn't redo anything  =  I had FUN!

(btw. no alien designs 'cus you saw 'em plenty in the short)

/Above. I like the idea of a spaceship being just a stack of wings. Oh ya and it looks like a Christmas tree which it had to, so it worked out.

\Below. Some unrelated but wintery bg's I did last year for the guys at Yowza Animation.

24. dec. 2012

Merry Christmas

...and a politically correct Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to everyone!
My friend Christian and I did a little celebratory animation and we hope to do more in the future. Stop by soon for some making-of stuff, if you'd like.


13. okt. 2012


Dear Internet, sorry for neglecting you for so long but things have been busy. Here's a shot I did tons of time ago as part of a bumper for TAAFI.




27. jul. 2012

31. maj 2012


Character lineup & bg's for a teaser in progress.

23. maj 2012


Hello World, it's been a while but now I'm back - as usual.
A lot has happened since the last post but most of it is irrelevant if you don't know me so I'll stick to work related matters. I am back living and working in Toronto at Style5.tv, where I have been allowed to design my little heart out on a project in development. Being a character designer on this project is pretty much exactly what I wanna do for a living when I grow up, which is good, cus I am... both!
The two guys in the first picture are the main characters of "Rumblecat". The rest is exploration.

/Above. A canadian Polar Bear who wishes he came from the states.
\Below. Antonio El Tigre.

/Above. There must be at least ONE Panda out there exploiting the goodwill that comes with being a nearly extinct cute and fluffy animal.
\Below. If animals had a human brain, would they still be cool with this?


25. mar. 2012

Schools out

My first job out of school was at Nørlum. Technically I already worked there part time during my final exam which may seem like a questionable choice, but it turned out okay! 
I got the chance to art direct a corporate identity short meant for internal use only. This is some of the development and character design I did.

7. mar. 2012

Making of

The graduation film I worked on last year was released on Vimeo a few weeks ago. You can find it here. I did a video to show my contribution to the project.
Most of it is development work, some of which didnt make it into the final film.

Anyway, either way, here it is.


19. feb. 2012

Open the Door

Oh, and a super old gif I found during virtual winter cleaning.

4. feb. 2012


He's a rap-tucan and his dog is pissed.