24. sep. 2010

Season Race (R.I.P)

Here are a few rushed beatboards I did for a bachelor film pitch I worked on with my friend Mark. Unfortunately, it did not get chosen. The story was about a world ruled by constant winter and the only way to get to spring, was by completing a deadly, highspeed, season rewinding race! I am truely sad that it didn't qualify, since it could have been a true extravaganza of dynamic animation, kickass color schemes from every season and natural phenomenons in rewind!


Also, I am currently living in Copenhagen, working on The Danish Film School's midway productions. I hope to be able to post some (rough) animation soon.

5 kommentarer:

  1. It's a shame it didn't get chosen,from I see it would have been stunning!

  2. It really is too bad =( But I hope the project you've joined will be a great one to work on in any case! =)
    ...And I can't wait to see some meian moving!!! YAY! ;D

  3. This stuf is aweeeeesommmmeeeeee! It's sad that it didn't make it into a film. Keep up the good work!

  4. These are gorgeous! It's a shame that it wasn't picked - but it's always nice seeing new art from you.