26. nov. 2010

Hermit Cycle

The last few months have been extremely intense with work and I am sorry that I haven't had time to post anything. Just to get the ball rolling again I'll show you a few concepts from another bachelor pitch that didn't make the cut. It was called Hermit Cycle.

One idea was to have a loss in detail according to an objects distance to the camera. I like the thought of taking a "disadvantage" from 2D and applying it to 3D.

8 kommentarer:

  1. O_O awesome. I love the designs and colors

  2. Absolutely brilliant! You work is great.

  3. maaaaan! I'm glad i found this blog!
    GREAT work!

    greetings from Frankfurt.

  4. love your work. brilliant edgy design and interesting colours.

  5. Fantastic art all over this blog, great stuff!

  6. Hi Kristoffer,

    Thanks for your kind words like "top 5 coolest designers" I am really honored even if I don't know why you said that, because you do really good things!